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For the next 10 purchasers with titled land, we’ll pay $2000 per month* to you during your construction. To reserve your spot, enter your details and download the brochure.

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We totally get it… managing a mortgage in addition to your current living expenses can be very difficult. So, we thought we’d help by paying you $2000 per month* whilst your home is being constructed – up to a maximum of 6 months. Awesome right?

About Us

We’re like finance brokers are for lenders…
but for new home builders instead.

Who are we?

H&L Victoria is an independent New Home Broker company that provides hundreds of home buyers every year with a full turnkey solution for their new home needs across Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong and most other regional areas in Victoria. Our clients benefit from our knowledge, our experience and our builder network to not only find the right solution… but also to save time and eliminate the stress and confusion of going to a builder directly themselves.

What do we do?

Whether you have your own block of land or need us to source one for you, we provide home buyers with premium full turnkey homes at affordable prices using our network of builders. Our process is designed to cut out all the smoke and mirrors of display homes and confusing promotions, and instead just focus on aligning you with the right builder, providing quality turnkey inclusions and supporting you from the initial quote right through to the handover of your keys.

How do we do it?

We provide a range of solutions for all buyer types, everyone from budget-conscious investors and first home buyers, right through to second and third home buyers looking to customise their own home from scratch. We also focus on keeping things simple by providing more value in every base price upfront, including everything you’ll need such as front and rear landscaping, driveway, fencing, letterbox, clothesline, cooling, blinds and much more… which means you won’t have the added stress of having to pay for all these items after your home is completed.

Why choose H&L Victoria?

General Benefits

Specific Benefits


We specialise in full turnkey investment solutions designed to maximise returns. Not only do we have the land contacts and the builder network to source the right solution upfront, but we also have a dedicated team ready to take you through the process efficiently which can save you time and prevent all the headaches of handling everything yourself.

First Home Buyers

Let’s face it, the building industry is very confusing. There are so many builders out there, and with so many components in the building journey you almost need a degree to work out what’s actually included in your quote or base price. This is why a New Home Broker from H&L Victoria is the right choice for you… because our educational approach will teach you more about the pros and cons, but also give you peace of mind that you’re dealing with an independent company that works with a range of builders rather than just one builder directly.

Why are Brokers better?

Helpful approach, more options and better support.

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Terms and Conditions: *Offer ends 29th February 2024 or when the first 10 purchasers secure the promotional offer by paying an initial deposit to H&L Victoria – whichever comes first. Offer is only applicable to titled land. The Slab Stage Invoice from the Builder will be the trigger for when the first month commences. The first $2000 payment will be made by H&L Victoria in the month that follows the Slab Stage Invoice date. Ongoing eligible payments will be made each month thereafter until the Final Invoice is issued by the Builder. H&L Victoria will then calculate the total number of months between the Slab Stage Invoice date and the Final Invoice date to determine the eligible months and ensure the eligible monthly payments have been made. If there is 5 months + 1 day between the invoice dates, the Client will receive six (6) monthly payments of $2000 each. If there is 4 months + 29 days between the invoice dates, the Client will receive four (4) monthly payments. This offer is capped at six (6) monthly payments. In the event a Final Invoice date is over/more than 6 months from the Slab Stage Invoice date, payments will no longer be made after month six (6). In the event a Slab Stage Invoice date is on the 31st of a particular month, and the following month only has 28 or 30 days, the eligible payment will be made on the last day of the following month; and all future payments will continue on that schedule. Payments of no more or no less than $2000 per eligible month will be made by H&L Victoria directly into the Client’s chosen bank account. Payments will not be made to banks or lenders. 

H&L Victoria refers to H&L Victoria Pty Ltd (ACN 610 541 921) of 300B Gillies Street, Wendouree, VIC 3355. Facade illustrations, images and photographs on this website may depict items not supplied by H&L Victoria, such as but not limited to; fencing, stacker stone, landscaping features (including planter boxes), driveway, decorative lights, window furnishings, upgrade materials, fixtures and finishes. Photographs and floorplans used on this website may not represent standard specifications or inclusions and are not to scale. This information is to be used as a guide only and H&L Victoria along with any of its Builder Partners makes no warranties about the accuracy or completeness of the information. Façade designs and elements may vary depending on the home design chosen. Refer to standard working drawings. Upgrade options are at an additional cost. H&L Victoria or any of its Builder Partners reserve the right to change or substitute the make, range, model and/or type of any product. Total squares and building size of the homes set out in this brochure are calculated by measuring from the external side of external walls. Where no external wall exists for the purpose of measuring building area (such as porticos, balconies or outdoor rooms), H&L Victoria assumes a straight line between the exterior of walls or columns. All images, plans and facades are copyright; no part may be used, reproduced or copied by any means or in any form without the prior written permission of H&L Victoria.