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H&L Victoria has two ranges of home designs to choose from, both featuring premium turnkey inclusions. Our Click & Collect range is designed for Investors and First Home Buyers, including pre-determined floorplans, a simplified process, competitive pricing and more than $70,000* added value in every base price. The Design & Modify range offers complete flexibility at affordable prices, allowing home buyers to tailor one of our designs to suit their needs or create a custom design from scratch.

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*The estimated value listed is based on common retail pricing used in promotional advertising throughout the industry. Listed prices can vary based on house type, size and build region and must therefore be treated as a guide only. All information is to be used as a guide only and H&L Victoria along with any of its Builder Partners makes no warranties about the accuracy or completeness of the information. H&L Victoria or any of its Builder Partners reserve the right to change or substitute the make, range, model and/or type of any product without notice.

^Lot depth is based on a 4m front setback and 3m rear setback. This is subject to change based on specific lot or estate requirements. Size may vary dependant on façade. Refer to working drawings for complete dimensions.

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