H&L Victoria provides Premium Turnkey Homes to hundreds of new home buyers each year across Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and most other regional areas in Victoria.

Our business model does not rely on spending marketing dollars upfront to generate foot traffic to display homes. Instead, we have developed a successful partnership program where we reward our referrers and promoters with a generous referral fee for each successful client they refer to us. To register your referral, simply provide the details of your client/s using the form provided below.

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Please complete the form on this page to be registered as the allocated referrer for the person/people outlined above. There can be only one referral paid per Client job, so the first to submit a completed form will be defined as the successful referrer. Anyone can be a referrer, you do not have to be a current or previous customer of H&L Victoria. All referrals are paid within 14 days of Lock up stage.

We’re like finance brokers are for lenders… but for new home builders instead.